Along with the discussion of the current agenda in the Alliance’s activities, special attention was paid to the prospects of peaceful settlement in the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan.

The session participants adopted a Joint Statement on the NATO’s Resolute Support Mission in Afghanistan, where they underscored with particular appreciation the results of the February 28 Kabul Process conference for peace and security cooperation in Afghanistan, and the Tashkent Conference on Afghanistan “Peace Process, Security Cooperation and Regional Connectivity”, held this past March 26-27 on the initiative of President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev.

The statement of NATO member states came as another recognition by the world community of the importance of the policy and international initiatives of Uzbekistan’s leader to promote a political settlement to the situation in Afghanistan and the latter’s involvement in regional economic processes. The resolution of the UN General Assembly on Central Asia, adopted on 22 June 2018, also highlights the importance of the Tashkent Conference towards resolution of the Afghan conflict.

As the reader may know, representatives of the majority of NATO member countries, as well as Deputy Assistant Secretary General of the Alliance, attended the Tashkent Conference along with many other guests. The forum proved a turning point, contributing to the consolidation of the international community’s efforts to support the process of Afghan-owned, Afghan-led national reconciliation in Afghanistan.

Extensive support for the initiatives of the Uzbek administration owes to the fact that the Tashkent Declaration, unanimously adopted by the participants of the Conference, has become an indicator of a solid international consensus and a political benchmark for joint actions at the regional and global levels to advance the peace process in Afghanistan.

The political atmosphere formed during the Conference in the capital of Uzbekistan attained the title “Tashkent Spirit” and stimulated the intensification of constructive dialogue among all parties involved in the processes in Afghanistan.

Uzbekistan welcomes the efforts and initiatives of other nations and organizations designed to support national reconciliation in Afghanistan, and will continue its policy of backing the peace process, securing stability in that country and its socioeconomic revival.

In his speech at the Tashkent forum on Afghanistan, President Shavkat Mirziyoyev stressed the need for leading powers and donor organizations to provide fundamental political support for the peace process in Afghanistan and financial assistance for the socio-economic reconstruction of the country.

The statement by NATO leaders on the need to reach a political solution to the Afghan conflict on the basis of national consensus and the corresponding decisions taken in Brussels on July 12 are fully in tune with the appeal of Uzbekistan’s President to the broad international community.





Dunyo Information Agency